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Created primarily for businesses in the manufacturing sector, this software solution handles everything from order management and payment processing to inventory tracking and accounting. It also comes with built-in auditing solutions, supply chain planning features, and document management tools so you no longer need to rely on separate software solutions for the tasks.

netsuite erp

Its built-in functionality allows it to support multiple applications under one platform with customizable dashboards to measure progress. In addition, the annual subscription price is on the expensive side, and the cost of implementation can vary depending on your needs. Some businesses may find it necessary to maintain in-house staff that specialize in Oracle NetSuite to properly configure and manage the system, which represents an indirect expense to keep the system running. For small businesses trying to keep costs low and in need of a simple accounting software, Oracle NetSuite may not be the best fit. NetSuite’s planning, budgeting and forecasting functions allow your business to plot out its financial future based on real-time analytics. Use your business data to forecast revenue, plot out what-if scenarios and develop accurate budgets. Oracle’s powerful reporting and analytics tools also allow you to gain a more complete picture of your business at any time to make better-informed decisions about your finances.


If you’re in the life sciences, manufacturing, professional services, software, and not-for-profit industries, you’ve come to the right place. Access a wealth of expertise as well as intellectual property to align NetSuite more closely to your industry, based on best-practice-based process templates. For businesses involving multiple subsidiaries under one roof, NetSuite provides for that too. It also enables companies to be truly multinational, eliminating the need to have separate on-site ERP systems for each country and uses one integrated system across global locations. Operate quickly, efficiently and in real time the production management processes of your products in the market.

netsuite erp

Get real-time visibility at local, regional and headquarter levels, and standardize business processes across all divisions and subsidiaries. NetSuite ERP is used in more than 200 countries, supports over 27 languages and 190 currencies — and can handle your global business with ease. Join the more than 32,000 customers NetSuite helps to streamline business processes, gain visibility and free up the time and resources needed to adopt to change, drive innovation and remain competitive. The vendor’s main customers come from professional services, consumer packaged goods and retail. Used by thousands of organizations around the world, financial management solution helps streamline daily financial transactions, closing speed and ensure compliance. It’s not just a financial system with inventory bolted on or a sales and marketing system with CRM functionality. ERP is your single-source solution for all core business data and functionality.

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It combines built-in business intelligence with financial management operations; providing companies with completely customizable views of key performance indicators and reports for individual roles. As your business evolves, NetSuite has developed modules, that provide a wide range of features for core business functions, to ensure NetSuite always meets your business needs. With NetSuite, medical device manufacturers and distributors can quickly get their products on the market while also streamlining various business functions. NetSuite’s cloud-based technology offers a wide range of features to help medical device companies manage operations, including inventory and supply chain management, order tracking and fulfillment, financials, and analytics. NetSuite also provides an end-to-end platform for in-house and contract manufacturing, contact relationship management and quality control.

However, there are costly subscription and payment plans that may be cost prohibitive to small and medium-sized organizations. Implementation can be difficult and customer support may lag in providing the ideal resources when problems arise.

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NetSuite ERP offers basic and premium support packages with features that vary depending on the system you go with. There is also an Advanced Customer Support offering available for customers who need a greater degree of support on technical and functional elements.

Is NetSuite an ERP SAP?

SAP and NetSuite are both ERP software designed to streamline business processes such as inventory management, financials, and even CRM. They're similar in many ways, though there are some glaring differences that potential users should be aware of. In general, SAP has some catching up to do technologically.

Its full product suite allows your organization’s various departments and systems to operate in real time so that every person in your company will remain up to date. Prior to joining NetSuite, Nelson ran an early provider of business applications over the Internet called, a division of McAfee Corp. This experience led him to the belief that all software would be delivered over the internet, and he left McAfee to join NetSuite. He led the netsuite erp company from about $1 million in revenue to a billion-dollar run-rate prior to its acquisition by Oracle Corp. From start-up to global corporation, NetSuite’s cloud-based business software solution scales to meet your growing needs every step of the way. This award-winning software allows you to start small, establish a foundation, and effortlessly scale and grow into the future. Keep inventory costs low while meeting customer delivery expectations.

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This unique perspective allows our team to view projects and issues from every angle so we can find the appropriate long-term solution. NetSuite AP Automation, which embeds banking services into ERP applications to automatically process bills and make payments, according to Goldberg. For example, AP Automation can capture vendor bills using machine learning-based object detection and optical character recognition, and uses bill-matching and approvals to prevent overpayments, duplicates or fraud. Also, a vendor payment automation built in partnership with HSBC enables customers to access payments, checks and virtual credit cards.

What is a NetSuite ERP?

What is NetSuite ERP? NetSuite ERP is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that helps organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into operational and financial performance.

Acumatica includes modern solutions for different business applications. The intuitive interface of this platform connects all business processes and streamlines workflow through employing automation.

Acumatica promotes greater visibility through robust accounting tools. This software solution is built to cater to the needs of all business sizes. The platform offers highly intuitive solutions that let it adapt to your workflow with ease. If you think NetSuite ERP is too basic for your needs, we have other options for you. We have reviewed the main benefits and functionalities of the top NetSuite ERP alternatives, giving you solid and compelling reasons to choose NetSuite ERP or any of the alternative products. In this article, we will be listing down the top 10 alternatives to NetSuite ERP to help you find the most suitable option for your operations.

  • Acumatica comes with a powerful set of applications for project accounting, multi-entity intercompany accounting, financial management, payroll, CRM, and more.
  • They are categorized based on the number of users, the size of your organization, and the kind of functionalities you need.
  • Oracle NetSuite OpenAir module provides robust professional services automation functionality covering project management and accounting, resource management, billing, revenue recognition, time recording and expenses.
  • NetSuite ERP is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that helps organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into operational and financial performance.
  • With NetSuite ERP, you can improve pay-per-view processes and cost security for external supplies and payments.

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